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The Top Restaurant Marketing Trends to Explore in 2019

The Fast and Effective Way to Promote Your Food Business
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Intense competition is one of the hallmarks of the restaurant industry. Even renowned establishments have to contend with the dizzying array of new cuisine and dining trends that emerge every year. However, the most successful restaurants do not view them all as disruptors but as opportunities to attract new diners and stay at the forefront of dining excellence.

An excellent dining experience is not enough to attract and retain clientele. The modern battle to fill seats is as much about piquing the interest of your demographic as it is about tantalizing their taste buds. Are you engaging your potential clients on all fronts?

Social Media

The question has evolved from “Should I be on social media?” to “Which social media platforms should I be on?”.

Virtually every diner is on one or more of these platforms. They are connected to them almost every waking hour and receive personalized feeds. These two factors improve your ability to engage with the individuals who are most likely to patronize your restaurant or café, and to maintain an ongoing relationship for repeat business.

The other strong point is that social media gives you the ability to interact in person and in real time. Whether it is to respond to a complaint, comment, or query, customers appreciate it when you communicate promptly.

Facebook used to be the preferred choice for engagement but its credibility has been severely damaged by serious privacy breaches. The image-focused platform, Instagram has emerged as the obvious choice for a diverse range of businesses, but especially eateries.

Instagram’s inherent appeal lies in its focus on visuals, both still images and videos. The “tagging” feature turns every customer into a promotion machine and extends your reach into their social circles by an exponential factor.


One of the reasons that Instagram is so popular with businesses is the “influencer” factor. Influencers are individuals who have a solid following, usually within the 2,000 to 10,000 range. They either showcase their private lifestyle or focus on a product niche. Over time, influencers can wield enormous power over the spending choices of their followers.

Invest some time and discover which of these influencers have weight within your niche or within your geographical area. Approach them with an offer for a (complimentary?) meal and discuss how they could help spread the word about your restaurant.

The influencer strategy has been proven to work. Research shows that potential customers for any business read reviews and feedback online before they make a purchase. Their trust in the reviews of friends, family, and influencers whom they follow is considerably higher.


With high-speed internet available even in the most remote parts of the country, video has emerged as the most effective tool for marketing virtually every business. If you have not latched on to this powerful medium to advertise yourself, 2019 should be the year that you do.

Professional Video Production

While modern smartphones and basic camera equipment allow even novices to create high-quality clips, most restaurants turn to professional video production companies. The obvious advantage is the guaranteed standard of the finished product.

Most video specialists offer a variety of production packages, depending on the level of control that you want over the final result. One of the most unique options is offered by ADA Food&Drinks Videos, which allows clients to compile the perfect video using their vast array of food & beverage-themed clips.

This approach works because, regardless of experience, no one knows your clientele lie you do. ADA’s system gives you unprecedented control over:

  • what appears in your video;
  • the soundtrack;
  • the duration;
  • and the overall vibe.

This personalization is the most powerful engagement tool you can employ.

Another advantage is instant production. While traditional video houses take between weeks and months, ADA Food&Drinks Videos offers ready-made solutions. You simply buy the elements that fit your brand and design the commercial accordingly.

Staff to Star

One of the most exciting ways to engage audiences is to promote your business through the people who know it best – your staff and you. Several restaurants chefs run their own YouTube channels or offer masterclasses on the restaurant’s channel.

Behind-the-scenes type videos like these are extremely popular and give your business image the human touch that is so effective in getting people to walk through the door. With ADA Food&Drinks Videos you can design video with your own logo and promote your restaurant. Try it!

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