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Logo Tips for the Restaurant Business Owner

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Logo Tips for the Restaurant Business Owner

A brand's logo is one of the most important components of its marketing strategy. You probably recognize a long list of companies simply from the shape and color of their logos - think of McDonald's, Apple, Google, etc.

Those designs may seem very simple at a glance but they are the result of months of design meetings and thousands of logo ideas. However, that does not mean that you cannot come up with an excellent logo yourself. Here, we explore the basics of designing a logo for your restaurant.

Get Inspired

Before you put pen to paper, begin with an exploration of what works best in your industry:

  1. Discover how the competition appeals to the demographic that you want to attract, and for the cuisine in which you specialize. While the internet can be very helpful, you can also take a walk around the neighborhood of your business to assess what others are doing.
  2. If you are targeting a very specific group of clientele, explore the brands and logos that are a part of their world. Can you design something that gels with the logos of companies with which they are already familiar?
  3. This exploration of ideas is not to 'copy' another brand's ideas but a way to understand your customers and their preferences. Learn what you see and adapt to your own business for the best results.
  4. At any time, certain logo trends are in vogue - try to avoid jumping on the bandwagon and go for a timeless design that won't look outdated by next year.

The Color Scheme

The psychology of color is one of the most important considerations when designing a logo. The combination of red and yellow used by McDonald's and the four-color combination used by Google are not simply there for aesthetics. They were combined in just the right proportions to evoke particular emotions in us.

Companies usually employ a combination of between two and six colors for their brand identity. Attached below is an outline of what science tells us the most common colors represent. After you have decided on the vibe that your restaurant will embody, use this table as a guide to which shades will work best for a harmonious representation.

The Font Palette

Just as important as color is the font design. The svelte curves of the McDonald's 'M' and the constantly-redesigned straight edges of the Google 'G' are there deliberately.

When designing your own logo, explore the thousands of free font options available on the internet. You might consider using a combination of fonts for the main brand name, subtitle, and other elements.

One of the common mistakes we see is beginners using very artistic fonts that are gorgeous on their own; however, they are not legible. If someone is not going to be able to easily read what your logo says, all the effort that went into its design is wasted.

Be mindful of combining beauty with practicality.

Design with Intent

Some of the most mesmerizing and recognizable logos do not need color nor words. The perfect example is the U.S. tech giant, Apple. Even though a tech company has nothing to do with a fruit, the bitten apple can appear in any shade and in any country and still be identified immediately.

Go for something compelling of that nature. A fast food joint could use the outline of a burger bun with their name in fancy design or block letters between the two halves. An Italian restaurant could have their name spelt out in cursive spaghetti.

The possibilities are, literally, endless and limited only by your imagination and the time you want to dedicate to the process.

For Immediate Results, Do this

Researching and designing your own logo can be very insightful and many restaurant owners find it enjoyable. However, if you are pressed for time and would rather leave the process in the hands of experts, get in touch with ADA Productions.

ADA Productions is a professional video promotion agency. They specialize in restaurant promos but extend their creativity to all your needs, including logo design. You can get a personalized licensed video, complete with soundtrack for immediate download within a day.

Wouldn’t it be great to see your brand new logo in the corner of a brand new restaurant promo video?

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