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How Videos Help Restaurants Capture and Retain Customer Attention

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How Videos Help Restaurants Capture and Retain Customer Attention


There is no doubt that video is the most versatile and effective marketing tool that we have at our disposal. Its visuals can be crafted to convey the most complex ideas while accompanying audio can help to set the intended mood. This combination of advantages gives video the edge over every other medium of promotion.


If you have not already incorporated video into the digital marketing campaign for your restaurant or cafe, now is the time to start . But how do you go into the world of video self-promotion? Is it even possible without experience?

The answers might surprise you – read on to find out.

An Indirect Approach

The most effective video commercials do not feel like video commercials; they come across as a friend or acquaintance telling you an interesting story. That should be the gist of any promotional video you make. Customers do not want to be bombarded with advertising – they want to be informed of the things that matter in a voice that they can trust.

Tell a genuine story through your video where the focus is on your food, drink, and service but in a way that revolves around the diner. Vary your approach with a focus on the talented staff, the hectic kitchen at peak hours, and how you manage to keep the organized chaos functioning day and night.

It is the emotion and excitement, the battle against odds that will fascinate audiences and pique their interest.

The Human Factor

Many of the most popular video ads come in the form of a series which follow a character or set of characters. They usually employ an element in humor as the protagonists make their way through a new challenge in every episode. It is this human element that makes for great viewing and for memorable messages.

Any restaurant, café, or bar employs a range of people in varied roles, all of which are essential to the smooth running of the business. Make a video that follows individuals or teams and showcases their contribution to helping the operation run like a well-oiled machine.

An interesting angle could be how you find the freshest ingredients. This could come as a series of clips of you visiting your suppliers and farms, or receiving deliveries so early that it is pitch dark outside.

When you can show your audience the incredible amount of work that goes into a single dish, they will appreciate and savor their next visit even more.

Assessing Response

The job is not finished once your videos are online. The next step is to assess what is working and what isn’t, and then tweaking your video production and promotion strategy accordingly. Here are some essential metrics every video marketer should understand:

  1. Views – This is the cumulative number of times that people have watched at least 30 seconds of a particular video.
  2. Shares – This is one of the most exciting metrics, the number of times a viewer was moved enough by what they saw to share it with their own social circle. Shares are the core of viral videos.
  3. View-through rate – The number of views divided by the number of times the ad has been shown. It is an indication of how well-placed and well-timed the ad is.
  4. Video clicks - Another exciting metric, this tells you how many people were convinced by the ad to click on the link (which may lead to your website or a booking page etc.)
  5. Cost per view – This is the cost of your video marketing (for a single video) for every view. Use this as an indication of whether the video has been produced or is being marketed correctly.

Using the Experts

Most businesses which have never used video before find that the chief barrier is cost. However, ADA Productions is showing restaurants and eateries around the world that they can get high-quality, professional video without sky-high prices.

ADA uses an instant production model that gives you immediate access to its entire library of restaurant-themed clips. Design a beautiful, personalized (video with your own logo) and licensed clip, complete with soundtrack to promote your business in a tasteful way.

Because you buy only the video you want to use for your brand, it is the perfect balance of effectiveness and cost. Appealing directly to your clientele and your niche has never been easier.

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