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The Fast and Effective Way to Promote Your Food Business

The Secrets of Restaurant Video Marketing
The Top Restaurant Marketing Trends to Explore in 2019
The Fast and Effective Way to Promote Your Food Business

Most restaurant and café owners have a social media plan in place. That strategy has limited value because virtually the entire industry is doing the same thing. When there is so much similar material out there, it is easy for your message to get diluted or even drowned out altogether.

Video is the way of the future and, to take full advantage, you have to make video central to your marketing and social media marketing plan today.

Why Choose Video?

We have all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, it is estimated that 1 minute of video is worth approximately 1.8 million words. That means that you can convey an enormous volume of content to your targeted audience with comparatively little effort using video.

With attention spans shorter than ever, video becomes the ideal tool to engage with your existing customers and also to convince potential customers to give your establishment a try. While you can do very little with text on a blog to make your content immediately interesting, video simply works.

From the very first second, you can capture the attention of your audience with the images, sounds, and atmosphere that make your restaurant so unique. Still images are fine but only video can deliver the sound of sizzling saucepans, slow-motion shots of leaping flames, and the riot of color characteristic of your menu.

Video also gives you incredible room for creativity in how you engage with your audience. Some of the most popular themes that restaurants and cafes use are:

Process preparing delicious food in the restaurant.
The cooking process always ends with a final glimpse of the finished product.

Video menu.
This is another great example of how images simply cannot convey the amount of information and level of detail that a video can. The ability to zoom in and out of dishes to show the incredible texture of each ingredient will have your audience salivating and reaching for the phone to make a reservation.

Special events.
Special events are the ideal time to showcase the appeal of your restaurant. The excitement and fun evident on the faces of guests and in their body language cannot be replicated by still images. If you have celebrities visiting, remember to give them ample screen time so they can give the food, ambience, and staff a wonderful video testimony.

Season’s greetings.
Christmas, New Year, Independence Day, or Valentine’s Day – if your restaurant is decorated for anything, it should be on video! If you have an email subscription list, send everyone a video greeting and tell them why they should celebrate the day with you.

Professional or self-shot?

With smartphones that record in 4K, free video editing software, and very affordable tripods, it can be very tempting to unleash your creativity with a self-made promotion video. However, this can be a tricky road to navigate. There is always the possibility of damaging your brand with a less than professional end result.

On the other hand, there are many professional video production companies that specialize in creating content for the food industry. The obvious advantage of using professionals is the guarantee of the quality of the finished product.

Many businesses have been reluctant to employ professional video production services because of the cost factor. That is no longer a barrier – companies like ADA Food&Drinks Videos work on an instant production model which drastically reduces both the cost and the time involved.

There is no need to buy an expensive package. ADA allows you to design every element of your personalized (video with your own logo) brand commercial, complete with soundtrack and license. There is no need to wait weeks, either – your beautiful, tasteful video is available as an immediate download. The entire process can take as little as 20 minutes!
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