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The Secrets of Restaurant Video Marketing

Logo Tips for the Restaurant Business Owner
The Fast and Effective Way to Promote Your Food Business
The Secrets of Restaurant Video Marketing

Video has emerged as the strongest and most effective marketing tool for restaurants. It has seen widespread adoption very quickly, driven by the fact that video recording and production equipment, as well as the relevant editing software, is so easily available.

In fact, many YouTubers are proving to the world that they can create slick clips with just a simple tripod, a smartphone with 4K recording, and free editing software. As the owner of a restaurant or café, perhaps this is the push in the right direction you need to get started with your own video promotion campaign.

The Tools for Restaurant Video Marketing

There are three basic components to any video production:

The audio and video capture device.
The latest phones come with 4K video recording abilities, which means that the images will be captured in the finest detail. Phones also come with inbuilt recording microphones but you can also opt for a separate sound recording device if you believe it is necessary.

A platform for stable shots.
Shaky video can work for a touch of authenticity when you are trying to capture the constant movement and chaos inside a busy kitchen. However, you can use a tripod to mount your recording device for more stable shots to portray the refined ambience of your restaurant. Even very cheap ones do the job well.

An editing program.
You can buy premium video editing software that gives you a wide variety of effects and transitions for a very refined video. However, there is also an extremely wide range of freeware and trialware available that can produce results almost indistinguishable from these paid versions.

Show Why Your Customers Love You

Research shows that the majority of customers take reviews and ratings into account before deciding where to spend their money. Instead of waiting for others to leave feedback, seize the opportunity to solicit video reviews from patrons at your restaurant or café.

This has a dual benefit. Firstly, you have much greater control over your public image if you publish a series of video reviews yourself. Secondly, your customers are much more likely to emphasize on the positives and downplay or even completely omit any negatives if you interview them yourself!

Special events like celebrations or holidays when people are generally much more jovial are the ideal time to showcase to the world why your customers love you.

Feature Your Food and Drinks

The range of food and drinks that you create is unique and you should tell your audience exactly why. There is simply no better way to achieve that than using the power of video.

Each aspect of the evolution from disparate bits to a delicious meal – from the preparation of the ingredients to how they all come together over the fire and finally to how the dish is presented – can be fascinating. It transforms a plate of food into a gastronomical masterpiece to be appreciated and savored. The same goes for drinks, too.

Chefs and bar staff usually work with flair, and the way in which they do complex tasks can make for riveting video. Feature not just the food and drink but the people and the faces behind them. Have the expert explain exactly why they do things a particular way (tips which people can use in their own cooking) to add extra value.

…or Choose the Easiest Way Out

Creating your own videos can be fun, very insightful, and a great bonding experience for your whole team. Unfortunately, it can also be very time-consuming, complex (especially if you do not have experience), and there is no guarantee that it will work.

Until now, the only other option was professional video production services which are even more expensive. With ADA Food&Drinks Videos, that is no longer the case.

ADA Food&Drinks Videos gives you the option to create your own customized video from the library of thousands of licensed clips. Not only does this cost a fraction of video production from scratch but you can download the final version within an hour instead of waiting days or weeks.

This instant production capability means that you can make immediate changes as you go. ADA packages come complete with soundtrack. They can even be personalized (video with your own logo) for a beautiful, tasteful promotion video that is extremely professional.

Marketing your brand has never been easier. Design your own video and promote your restaurant with ADA Food&Drinks Videos.
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