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10 reasons why video content is better for your business than photos

5 rules of a successful food video
How Videos Help Restaurants Capture and Retain Customer Attention

According to the latest market research, videos today demonstrate the highest ROI in comparison with other types of content. More and more marketers and business owners are actively using video to promote their brands and increase sales. Let's try to figure out what makes a video such an effective marketing tool.


1. Quantity of information

When we talk about a video, the following statement is quite applicable: 1 minute is worth a 1000 words. Indeed, it is easy to see that a short but well-made video can give the audience more useful information than a giant text with a bunch of photos and graphs.

2. Ease of perception

It's no secret that watching a video requires much less effort than reading a text. It is easier for people to recognize visual images (they are straightforward and universal) than to decipher characters. All of us, in one way or another, strive to save intellectual resources - we want to get more information with less effort, and therefore we prefer video to other methods of communication.

3. Easy to remember

According to the popular book “Brain Rules”, written by John Medina, people in general do not remember the information they hear very well. Just 3 days after listening to the text, only 10% of what was heard remains in your head. However, if the voiced text is accompanied by an image, then after 3 days you will remember about 65% of the information. In simple terms, the content of the video is usually well remembered.

4. Versatility

Videos have the ability to fit perfectly into the most diverse context. For example, a video shot at a meeting with a potential investor may look great in the company's pavilion at the conference, on the company's website, and also on its official accounts in social networks.

5. Increase in conversion

According to the Aberdeen Group, companies that use videos as a tool for promotion on the Internet, bypass enterprises that do not use video content by 27% in terms of clickability and by 34% in terms of conversion.

6. Increase in average session duration

Placing even a small video on the website allows you to significantly increase the average time a person spends on your website. This indicator is taken into account by search engines when ranking resources.

7. Driving traffic

Popular video hosting websites (YouTube, Vimeo, RuTube) have excellent functionality that allows the author to place videos on the same page with a lot of additional information: company description, contacts, links to a corporate website and accounts on social networks. The more video hosting websites you use to post videos, the more traffic you will attract.

8. Building a relationship with clients

According to Animoto, 70% of Millennials (the generation that makes up the bulk of global network users) usually watch videos about the company while shopping online. And this is not a coincidence. A high-quality video creates an illusion of a "live" personal contact and forms a trusting relationship between the company and the client.

9. Stimulation of consumer activity

Due to the trust effect, the video is much at reaching the ultimate goal of any marketing - the sale of goods. According to Lpgenerator, users who have watched the video about a company or a product are 1.81 times more willing to make a purchase than those who have only watched images or read text.

10. Social involvement

According to Twitter’s own research, social network users are 6 times more likely to retweet a video than a photo and 3 times more likely than a GIF. This means that the video is the most suitable tool for launching “word of mouth” campaigns and involvement of large social groups.


Of course, in order to achieve high sales with the help of a video, it is necessary that your video content meets certain requirements of quality and relevance. The production of such video is not an easy task. If you are seriously concerned about the future of your business, entrust the creation of videos to professionals. Many businesses have been reluctant to employ professional video production services because of the cost factor. There is an option to purchase a video from a stock footage provider, but they usually have low-quality content; what you need is a good HD video footage stock to supply you with high-quality videos for your business.

But cost is no longer a barrier – companies like ADA Food&Drink Videos know how to promote your restaurant and work on an instant production model which drastically reduces both the cost and the time involved. There is no need to buy an expensive package. ADA has a library of thousands of stock food videos and allows you to design every element of your personalized (video with your own logo) brand commercial, complete with soundtrack and license. There is no need to wait weeks either – your beautiful, tasteful video is available as an immediate download. The entire process can take as little as 20 minutes!

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