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5 rules of a successful food video

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In the digital age, everyone uses videos to promote their business, and restaurants are not an exception. But what looks like an easy promo video, can be a very complex process that involves tens of specialists, many days of shootings and a lot of efforts that were put in the creation of this short video. Here are the 5 rules of a successful food video that you should follow if you want a perfect video.


References first - script later

In order to write a script and draw a storyboard of a food video, it is important to understand in what light (literally and figuratively speaking) the customer sees his product. After you have selected the necessary references (photo or video), you need to agree with the client on the general style of shooting to make sure that you both have the same vision of the video. And only after that you think about the details. The reference will most certainly change, one way or another you will have your own aesthetics. So do not be afraid of plagiarism - change the light, the background, the frame and shoot your unique video.

You also have to consider which products look better cooked in the frame, and which ones look better raw. It is better not to shoot raw meat, it looks much better when it is cooked. And vise versa, fish looks good when it is raw.


Where does a consumer eat: in a county house or in a restaurant?

The choice of table top and background, decor on the table, depends, of course, on the idea. When a video is made, the main action of which takes place in the forest, the food part would look illogical with a white table, simply because the combination of a forest and a perfectly clean table does not work. Rustic style, natural materials would be appropriate in such video. The ideas behind the video should depend on the product and the goal of the video. If you need to show Michelin-style dishes that look like a work of art, then it is better to shoot on a neutral, monochromatic background (white or black), because the idea and plot should correspond with each other. And vice versa, if you’re shooting a fresh garden salad, you need to think about the natural appearance of a wooden table in the shot.


Don’t try to save on a food stylist, it can ruin a whole video.

Not a lot of people can shoot an appetizing food video because most of them do not pay attention to details. In order to shoot how a tomato is being sliced, one should think through the whole composition: there should be other vegetables, herbs and spices around the tomato, skillfully selected according to the color scheme. For this purpose, there are food stylists, whose services should not be refused, because they are a very important link in the whole process. Food stylists always have their secrets. For example, if we need sea salt in the shot, they know that bath salt will look better. The viewer does not know that it smells like lavender, but in the shot it looks much better. Only by working together, the director, cameraman and food stylist can make a perfect video.


Hands are more important than faces

Very often, during the casting process, everyone forgets to pay attention to the manicure of the actors. It is important that the hands that appear in the shot are well-groomed. We shouldn’t forget that the hand that appears in the shot becomes part of the composition. Therefore, do not ignore how the hands look during the casting process, hoping that the administrator or the second director will handle all the tasks.

In addition, the hand and even fingers can become an actor and reveal the whole character. If we bake a cake, then the hands in the shot can be both traditionally feminine and elegant, and strong masculine with large powerful palms. Only with the help of our hands we will tell two different stories: about the fragile pastry chef, or, for example, about a caring sentimental father, baking a birthday cake for his daughter.


Make enough takes

You cannot be sure that a slice of a tomato will fall on a table exactly as you need it to, even from the fifth take. Vegetables behave worse than children on camera, and fluids even more so. It is necessary to buy plenty of props, experience usually helps to determine the quantity. Having tested the products before shooting, the food stylist will also know how to give the caramel crust on crème brûlée the desired look.

Creating your own videos can be fun, very insightful, and a great bonding experience for your whole team. Unfortunately, it can also be very time-consuming, complex (especially if you do not have experience), and there is no guarantee that it will work.

Until now, the only other option was professional video production services which are even more expensive. With ADA Food&Drink Videos, that is no longer the case.

ADA Food&Drink Videos gives you the option to create your own customized video from the library of thousands of stock food videos. Not only does this cost a fraction of video production from scratch, but you can download the final version within an hour instead of waiting days or even weeks.

This instant production capability means that you can make immediate changes as you go. ADA packages come complete with soundtrack. They can even be personalized (video with your own logo) for a beautiful, tasteful food marketing video that is extremely professional.

Marketing your brand has never been easier. Design your own video and promote your restaurant with ADA Food&Drink Videos.

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